Monday, 24 December 2012

Come to the Manger

Early folk, late folk
punctual and stragglers
take the weight off your feet
and park yourself
just for a while.
It's too late now
if there's anything not done.
Whether you're calm
or whether your heads still buzzing
breathe deeply
of the love
that we celebrate here this night.
Get yourself
a whiff of the stable
Pin back your ears
for the sound of Heavenly Choirs
And lend your voice
tuneful or not 
to the Heavenly host
revving up
for the Party
And, if you're not in a party mood
that's OK too
because the stable
was a great leveler
Welcoming the great and the lowly
the jubilant and the downtrodden
making room for all
Everyone was - and is welcome
at the manger.

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