Thursday, 15 November 2012

Twilight Zone

During the summer I "discovered" Twilight and loved reading the books and watching the DVDs. So I'm delighted at the release of Breaking Dawn part 2.
This morning, reflecting on ministry, it occurred to me that a lot of ministry happens in liminal space or what might be termed "the twilight zone". And that can often be a scary place to be with no clear sense of direction or of outcome but, rather, the tenacity to hang in there with the uncertainty. Not only does this aptly describe the place of most ministry encounters but it might also be a metaphor for the Church of Scotland at present. Although that in between space or threshold does hold an element of fear, it is also a place that invites novelty and creativity and that stimulates excitement and potential. It is not a place or a time to long for the past but to hope for the future and celebrate the opportunity of the present. Looking forward to being immersed in all things Twilight!
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Leahthedog said...

Just saw the first one on telly the other week and spent last week catching up on the rest with the youngest child and her fiancé am totally hooked. So last night off to local cinema to see the last one. Brilliant, there has to be another. What a team, what a family!

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