Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Receiving graciously

I've been reflecting recently on Creativity, a gift from God. What must it feel like for God when we stifle or underplay a gift. It's probably something, especially in our Scottish culture to which we are all prone to a greater or lesser extent.
Hard on the heels of trying to process this, I find myself at an Emerging Ministries Conference. I'm here, not because I'm working at the coal face as many of the practitioners here are but because I'm on a working group set up to support and resource Emerging Ministries. But over dinner,where all the real learning happens at conferences, someone helpfully and encouragingly spoke of Fresh Expression of church consisting not only in new things or the edgy things but in the forming of communities that allow folk who otherwise wouldn't have opportunity to meet together, even if what they do together seems pretty traditional. It's not new versus old. Or edgy versus trad but relationships being nurtured. I think I've discovered another gift that I've overlooked.
Just as well God doesn't snatch back the gifts that we fail to appreciate. Still,it might be an idea to be more grateful and more gracious at God's abundance.

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