Wednesday, 10 October 2012


Yet another wonderful thing about train travel is that you are forced to listen in to people's conversations. OK - that can be really irritating when it's a tedious, banal, unnecessary, stating the obvious, phone convo. And that's not just because it's one-sided. It would be double torture to have to listen to the other side of those conversations. On my journey this morning i was fascinated by a conversation that ranged from the sadness of Stalin to the desirability of Machiavelli, with Terry Pratchett thrown in along the way. it might have been pretentious if the folk involved hadn't been so earnest. I certainly learned a few things that I'm sure will come in handy at some point. Maybe when there are political history questions in the next pub quiz!
So- what have you learned as you've journeyed today. And, perhaps more salutary, what have others learned from your conversations?
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Nodrog said...

*Tony* Pratchett? Who he?

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