Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Full steam ahead

Cass Railroad, West Virginia
I work best under pressure - which might be another way of saying that I leave everything until the last minute. But, I believe that the pressure of a deadline enhances creativity!
This past year or so, working on Spill the Beans, an all age worship curriculum, has forced some discipline into seasonal worship preparation. Advent is done and dusted and we're currently working on Epiphany. It feels really strange to be writing reflections about stars and shepherds and stables and angels when summer is barely over. And I do know that other liturgical publications are much more demanding, requiring submissions well in advance of editing.
The exciting thing is that, as the weeks unfold, when I get around to preparing to lead worship Sunday by Sunday, the ideas crafted months ago still have the capacity to challenge and surprise. Our is not a stagnant text that we can interpret or discern once and for all. It is a moving target that beckons us to follow in its wake, to try to keep up, to be assaulted by joy and beguiled by wisdom. A living word, sufficient for each day.


Beth said...

So, so true! And is that Cass Railroad in the pic? It was a very good day.

liz said...

It was, Beth.

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