Thursday, 21 June 2012

The longest day

The Summer Solstice finds me reflecting on the light and the darkness that is ministry for me just now.

  • The light of sharing with young folks as they celebrate the end of school term and their readiness to move on, their buoyancy and resilience shot through with hope. 
  • The affirming of vocation in folks struggling to discern the will of God. 
  • The commitment and support and enthusiasm of willing volunteers prepared to share their wisdom and learn new things.
  • The darkness of a couple who have grown old together and who now face debilitating illness, also together. 
  • The light that they share as they consider themselves fortunate to have had the opportunity to talk about death and face it together.
  • The light of creativity recognised and encouraged. 
  • The darkness of those who feel threatened by such creativity.
  • The darkness of those holding on tight to systems and traditions that no longer work.
  • The light of those willing to step out and embrace the new.
  • The darkness of knowing I am not enough.
  • The light of the assurance that the love of God is enough.
On this day of reflections, I am thankful that there is more light than darkness and, when most days are simply not long enough to do all that ministry requires, remind myself that God has it covered.

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Beth said...

Amen, amen, amen

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