Thursday, 3 May 2012


As the celebrant lifts the cup
the highly polished silver captures
the worshipers gathered around the circle
their faces mirrored in the sheen - 
reflected in the vessel
that holds the blood of Christ.
Light too is caught up and sent
swirling around the room
a riot of rainbow colours.
Love and light fusing together
in communion.
This is the blood of Christ
radiating love and life
and stories and sharing
bringing together
hopes and fears
and confidences whispered.
As the sacrament is shared
and the promise it holds
is savoured
life itself
is nourished
and cherished
and the journey goes on
Thanks be to God.

(Having shared two days training with colleagues involved in the ministry of supervising students, listening and learning, holding space and honouring experience, communion celebrated in a sun filled room prompted this reflection.)

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