Sunday, 27 May 2012

Enlivening Spirit

I LOVE Pentecost. At this morning's service I was beside myself with joy, celebrating God's gift of the Holy Spirit. We had lots of fun, hearing God's word in different ways, listening to God's word read in different languages - Spanish, Dutch, American Scots and even a Pentecost rap! It felt like what we did this morning - the babble and the buzz - must have echoed that first Pentecost when the Spirit blew through festival goers, ready to party.
I don't subscribe to the notion of Pentecost as the birthday of the church, so I do my best to avoid the cake and the candles but I'm always ready to celebrate the gift of the Spirit that radically and irrevocably changed the church - and the world - forever. Pentecost - not a birthday - but a wake up call.


Muthah+ said...

We had 4 baptisms this morning. A great way of celebrating God's spirit in the church. Hope all things are well--But what language is American Scots???? For us I think it is just South Carolinian!! or maybe even Texan.

liz said...

Haha Muthah - its just my West Virginian friend's version of Scots - took advantage of her visit and roped her into preaching!

Beth said...

Generous Liz to call that preaching :-) - and Muthah - definitely NOT a hint of Carolinian in this American :-) (American Scots -- just call it a poor imitation of the real thing). Peace out, Beth

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