Wednesday, 4 April 2012

A woman's instinct

In Bethany, at the home of Simon the leper
a woman went with her gut
she saw something she could do
and, in love, she did it.
While the religious authorities were pontificating,
getting all aerated about their rules being flaunted,
while the political kaisers were brewing venom
perceiving their supremacy was being eroded
while the men around Jesus were humming and hawing,
knowing something was up but not sure what to do,
a woman saw an act of spontaneous love she could offer
and she did.
Pure nard became pure love
poured out extravagantly
without inhibition
flooding the room with fragrance
soothing the Lord
with healing balm.
"Wherever the gospel is preached, this story will be told in memory of her."
We remember a woman who gave
spontaneously, extravagantly, uninhibitedly, in love.
We salute her instinct.
And we look for opportunities
to trust and to act on our instincts with spontaneous love.

1 comment:

Angela B said...

Missed reading that during Holy Week. One word - Wow x

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