Friday, 20 April 2012

The beat of a different drum

In a leadership training day, the question was posed: "Where have you seen a model of Servant Leadership?" The quick response from a group comprising of ministers: "Well, that would be the gospels." True - but look how it ended for that particular leader!
It was fun to explore different forms of leadership and give some thought to how and where we might model those systems in an organisation that involves managing so many volunteers and appears to operate using a different code - or is that just an excuse to manage badly?
Another question that has stayed with me is: "What kind of organisation are we attempting to steer - is it more akin to a luxury cruise ship or a budget airline?" That question wasn't couched in quite those terms, but those are illustrations that appeal to me! Understanding the culture in which an organisation operates may well be important in determining which model of leadership we might employ, but gaining that kind of perspective and understanding of the church at times seems an impossible task. And just when we feel we've glimpsed that, it is sure to change and slip out of our grasp again. None of these challenges, however should prevent us from seeking to be effective leaders and motivators and, in particular from learning from those who model good leadership in contemporary culture. The church demands and deserves nothing less.

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Beth said...

Liz, I love the question you pose and am thinking I want to say we're the luxury cruise liner, but act as if we're a discount do-it-yourself jetliner, trying to get where we're going as quick as we can with as little fuss as possible. Am reminded of the poem "Our Deepest Fear" by Marianne Williamson. We were made for grandeur and high fancies and wondrous and brave acts, but act as if our best contributions come instead from the bargain basement of life. Thanks, as always, for making me think. Peace, Beth

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