Monday, 20 February 2012

A welcome return

I've had a ball the last month celebrating my 50th birthday. I've celebrated with different groups in different places, even in different parts of the world, also managing to raise £900 for charity in a celebration with the congregation. But one of the best birthday gifts came last week when I returned to work. I visited a lady who has just recently come to be part of our congregation. We had a nice time together. It was good to have a chance to talk with her and find out more about her and her family.
However, the next day she phoned me in a panic to enquire" was it you who visited me yesterday?" Apparently she'd been talking to a friend and had mentioned that the minister had visited and how young the minister was! Her friend, who is from another congregation in town, informed her that it couldn't have been her minister who visited because she had heard that I'd just celebrated my 50th birthday! The lady refused to believe that I was that age.
I reassured her that I had indeed visited and that I had just turned 50 but finished the call with a huge smile on my face. A great welcome back to work!


Martha Spong said...


Beth said...

It's that baby face - fools 'em every time! And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the hair!

Dot said...

It's the new crinkly hairstyle that does it, or did you have your bunches in when you went visiting???

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