Friday, 24 February 2012

Mirrors on the soul

I've been working with some of the Spill the Beans team again today. We're slogging through the chronicles of David from 2 Samuel, which feature in the Lectionary for the season after Pentecost. They are difficult, blood thirsty, shocking readings. A few times, we almost abandoned them to find something a bit more palatable but, being Scottish Presbyterians, we have that awkward work ethic and decided that we needed to stick with them. They are there for a reason and might teach us something - even if it is only to avoid adultery and rape and brutal slaying!!!
However, one theme that emerged is that of windows, mirrors and reflections. Each of the passages might lead us to looking deep within ourselves, to holding a mirror to our own lives to examine what lies within. And so, preaching through the summer will not be comfortable. But it will be revealing. God speaks, in so many ways, even using media we'd rather avoid. Thanks be to God.

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