Wednesday, 29 February 2012

It is enough

I've been musing today on how, during what might be considered the waiting times in the Christian year, the seasons of Advent and Lent, preachers end up busier than ever. The discipline of creating space becomes more difficult, not less. Today, a beautiful spring like day, I rediscovered a park that is just a few streets away. It is clothed in a carpet of crocuses. That brief encounter provided real balm for the soul.
Finding space does not always involve having to find lots of time too.

sometimes all it takes
is a brief glimpse
a smile
a look of understanding
and then everything appears different
for then we have been assured
that God has it covered
and God's loving gaze
is focussed on us.
And that's enough
to sustain us 
on the journey.


Martha Spong said...


Muthah+ said...

Today was one of those chockablock days--too full to catch up but the flowers are beginning to open here too. It was enough.

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