Monday, 10 October 2011

Surprising God app.

I love all things Apple. The death of Steve Jobs last week has brought a flurry of tribute cartoon depictions - Of Steve arriving at the Pearly Gates and, seeing St Peter paging through a huge tome to find his name, suggesting: "I have an app for that". Or being introduced to Moses as the man who can update his tablets.
All this has me musing - Can we surprise God?
Is our Creator capable of being amazed by the inventiveness of human beings?
I'd like to think so.
Of course, the opposite is also true - God must cringe at the levels to which we stoop. I've never been much in doubt of that.
But that means that it must also be possible to amuse and intrigue and to gladden the heart of God.
And there should be an app for that!


Beth said...

Love it! There definitely should be an app for that!

Cherie said...

Well put, friend.

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