Saturday, 29 October 2011

Feeling the warmth

Beth has just posted that it is snowing in the Mountains in Virginia where we spent part of the summer. Although the landscape must look very different now, I was immediately transported back in my mind, recalling happy thoughts such as: Walking barefoot the labyrinth mown in the grass and resting on the bench in the middle that calls out for one to rest awhile.
Lying on my back, quietly, with folk I love, gazing at the night sky, marveling that the same stars and constellations we see in Scotland are visible across the pond.
Making music with folk who just enjoy jamming and who share their talents humbly.
Experiencing community and fellowship in brief yet enriching encounters.
Knowing acceptance because I too love and serve God.
Appreciating the invitation to be involved fleetingly but affected for ever.
Summer is a time to create memories that will provide sustenance no matter how long or how harsh the winter that follows.

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Beth said...

Liz, Love this! Saw the pic first and it took me a minute and then - "Wow - I know that place!" (a bit dim in the morning, I'm afraid). Have always thought of winter as the metaphorical season of our discontent, to borrow from the Bard, as I sit here today, I'm revisiting and coming away w/ winter now as my metaphor of sabbath. The summer of doing and memory creating gives way to the winter of simply being. How I love being in perpetual conversation with you, dear friend. Beth

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