Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Light touch belonging

Light touch belonging, spinning yarns, reaching the 90 per cent,  daring to risk, releasing dreams: Just some of the phrases buzzing around the Church of Scotland's Mission and Discipleship Council as we meet in Dundee. In fact there are so many creative sparks flying around that we set off the fire alarm and were forced out into the sunshine, awaiting the fire brigade. On resuming our meeting, however, there was no dampening down and, late into the evening we were still on an exciting voyage of discovery, sailing out of the harbour, not into the sunset but into choppy waters, risking the storm. None of us are unrealistic about the challenges facing the church as we seek to be involved in God's mission but neither are we running scared. We are assured that every once in a while God gives us a window of opportunity to catch up and join in building the kingdom. Looking forward to creating more havoc today and, in the chaos, discerning the hand of God proffering the kindling that will nurse these sparks to life, setting the church on fire to serve the world.


Beth said...

catching up - love the language, the imagery, wish I could be there. See you VERY soon!

liz said...

YAY Only about 5 weeks now - woohoo!

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