Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Beyond words

When we've finished
debating and deliberating
moderating and pontificating
God remains
When we've crossed every last T
and dotted every last i
God hangs on in there
And when we stop for a moment
and  acknowledge that
we cannot control the world
God stuns us
with the beauty of creation
peeping out from behind clouds
romping over sand dunes
rippling on the water
and suddenly
shakes down
and slots into place
and we are besotted again
with the God of mystery
whose majesty
is all around
even when we're not looking
and whose wonder
saves us from ourselves
and all our plans
and lifts us up 
to higher things.
Liz Crumlish June 2011


AnneDroid said...

Says it all. Lovely. Thanks.

Julie said...

thanks Liz - I was feeling a bit despondent after my meeting last night. Perspecitive is everything!

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