Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Where is hope to be found?

It seems as though the shock of the debate and momentous decisions taken by the General Assembly on Monday are just settling in today - for me at least. As I entered the hall this morning, there were tense huddles of people and I experienced a melancholy settling in. That feeling did not improve as the morning wore on and then, in the afternoon, a report which would have entailed radical change was dismissed. Quite apart from the implications for the church as it chooses to remain in its present chaos, I could only imagine what the convenor who has lived and breathed the formation of this report for the last few years was going through.
The Church of Scotland seems a fickle place to be this week, signaling a huge shift one day and then resisting change two days later. I know that God is to be found in all of this, just not sure where at present. However, I do know that in that confusion I am in good company and follow in the footsteps of many who have through the ages been totally perplexed by the foibles of the church of Christ.
And I am also assured, in faith, that God holds out hope in all things.


AnneDroid said...

"I know that God is to be found in all of this, just not sure where at present". I think that's how I feel too Liz - this has been a very odd week but, although I was desperately sorry for the convener and committee today, nonetheless I find that I do feel a sense of peace today somehow about everything. The peace that passes all understanding? x

David Denniston said...

I share your feelings Liz. The R & R proposals were far from ideal and I don't think that adequate time was given for debate on the real issues (however long the discussions went on). But if not 'this' then 'what' and 'when'? The current set up is broken and evidences extremely poor governance. But looks like we may be stuck with it for goodness knows how long. How does that help us move forward? And where to go now? Very depressing.

Tom said...

Liz seems like it has been a rollercoaster week at the GA. There have been some real highs and some real lows but I am glad you have it in perspective. No matter how confused we get - and where the GA is concerned we can get very confused - we can always be sure that in amongst it all is God offering His hope to us all. Enjoy the rest of the week and we'll catch up soon.

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