Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Technology at the GA

Although the entrance still looks as imposing as ever, with John Knox, (aka Dumbledore), looking menacing in the courtyard, the assembly hall has been extensively remodeled and fitted with all sorts of mod cons. Voting is done electronically as are requests to speak. The moderator and clerks are supplied in an instant with any information they might need via computer screens (albeit thanks to the efforts of a lot of skilled folk behind the scenes) and there is wonderful audio visual technology. I was reminiscing with a friend how, in the old days, to arrange to catch up with a friend for coffee during the assembly, it was necessary to leave a note in a commissioner's box. Nowadays, a mobile phone text message provokes an instant response and it is also possible to be socially networking whilst engaged in the business of the General Assembly.
In today's business, among other things, we were encouraged to consider renewable energy and to take a look at the ethics of the Internet. The Church and Society council's report was wide ranging, considering issues from the plight of Gypsies to the war in Afghanistan, from Homelessness in Scotland to securing the place of young folk in the church, from Mental Health issues to Domestic abuse.
The technology may be vastly different but the breadth and depth of issues under consideration does not diminish. The wonders of technology increases our awareness of the scale of local and global issues but the way forward in all these matters is entirely in the hands of flawed human beings. May God help us all to make a difference.

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