Thursday, 26 May 2011

Sacred cows and genius humour

Today, at General Assembly, we spent hours debating whether the cattle population in Ayrshire rendered the area urban or rural when the simple admission that a mistake had been made would have saved everyone a lot of trouble. And then, surprise, surprise, we ran out of time to discuss Ordained Local Ministry, the proposed new non-stipendiary ministry.
Fortunately. the day ended with the Committee Anent Assembly Review, a light hearted look at events of the past week. Yet again Alec Shuttleworth and Robin Hill came up trumps. They are both so talented at poking fun at all the pomposity of the Assembly's business without being in any way cruel or derogatory. If only other commissioners would take themselves less seriously.

1 comment:

AnneDroid said...

Oh sorry we missed that - we'd to head for the hills before that stage. Thank God for the gift of senses of humour!

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