Friday, 20 May 2011

A paradox

Often, as we plough our lonely furrow, the "big picture" becomes more and more remote. And, as someone who functions best when my imagination is being fired by the outlines and horizons of that big picture, I need regular affirmation and stimulation outwith the confines of day to day routine. These past few days, involved in facilitating training, my reserves have been topped up for a time. Although I am exhausted, I am, at the same time, energised. And, although thankful to be home and back with loved ones, I miss the company of those with whom I travelled these last few days.
How can exhaustion be at the same time exhilirating?
And how does a longing for the familiar co-exist with the need to be involved in something new and different.
How often it appears that creativity is dredged from the depths of tiredness and so the cycle continues. Sustenance is found in unexpected places and moments but is welcome nonetheless.

1 comment:

Julie said...

thank you so much for articulating my feelings this morning!
Though for me returning to an empty house makes the lack of company more stark.
you and our colleagues were a great blessing

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