Sunday, 15 May 2011

Coffee bean prayers

We gave everyone at church a coffee bean this morning to serve as a reminder to pray this week for the work of Christian Aid - just one of their partner projects is helping coffee growers in Nicaragua.
We also played a game that involved mimicking different types of beans - jelly, jumping, broad, runner, baked, coffee. We did, however, as a number of folk pointed out as they left, forget about the has beens! That's because we simply do not have any of those at Castlehill.


Danny said...

Dropped by to leave you a link. You may already have seen this, but wow reading it was like a shot in the arm :) maybe she should come to the GA!

We did the CA service too and the beans... and yes the 'has Beens' were mentioned. Thought the material was good this year. Xx

liz said...

Wow! Thanks for linking. That is some post!

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