Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Traveling light

Musing today on what is really necessary for the journey. And how much "stuff" we could leave behind. Wanting to be prepared, we sometimes carry too much. I know I am much too shallow to be away for any length of time without my hair straighteners. Yet, if I could lay them down, what else might there be room for?
And if I reach beneath the surface, what else do I carry around or imagine I cannot be without? What could I make room for if I would only risk being without something I consider vital?
Lenten discipline might involve dredging up those things we consider necessary to make some space - and then to resist the temptation to immediately fill the void created. Poverty of Spirit is a gift to be sought after and treasured.

1 comment:

Dot said...

Amazing timing as I think what I need to take with me on an overnight to my sister tomorrow~going to a close member of the family, it is not so necessary to pack much~she will provide!
Perhaps a journey with God our Father requires little other than ourselves, open to His ways and His will~travelling light towards the light~our God will provide all that we need!

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