Thursday, 21 April 2011

The things he carried - The sin of the world

The Things He Carried – The sin of the world
We see the ugly lump of wood
that he bears through the streets.
We see the crude crown of thorns
piercing his head.
Less visible is the weight of our sin
that bears down upon him
So much weight there
the big and the small
the grand and the petty
the local and the global
the commission and the omission.
All those wrongs that are ours
sometimes when we don’t even know it.
He carries them
and bears them away with him
on the cross.
Sometimes, we don’t even want to give them up
our sins.
but he carries them anyway.
He lifts them up
with him on that cross
and in carrying our sins
offers us a chance
to begin again
free of our burden.
He carried
the sin of the world.

1 comment:

Dot said...

Such a heavy burden to carry~such love to have borne it!

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