Monday, 18 April 2011

The things he carried - a crown of thorns

The Things He Carried – A Crown of thorns
As if it weren’t enough
to be sentenced
to a slow and agonising death,
Jesus was mocked.
A crown of thorns
placed on his head
Roughly, crudely.
Perhaps the stabbing pain of that
as it dug into his scalp
in the warm sun of the day
subsided in the midst
of all the other pain he endured.
A crown of thorns
signifying his kingship
that no one would recognise
neither religious authorities
or civil authorities
not even his followers.
A king.
A king who bore regally
all that was placed upon him that day
who carried with dignity
a crown of thorns.

1 comment:

Dot said...

A thorn in the flesh~what does it mean? A thorn in the flesh is a painful and uncomfortable reminder of something that should not be happening or be done.
How apt then that our Saviour had many thorns in His flesh, piercing the tender skin around his brow, bleeding into His hair, His crown causing sharp and deep pain, ....all for our sake.
Praise to the King, the bearer of our pain.

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