Sunday, 3 April 2011

That unseen cloud of witnesses

Tonight I shared in a memorial service for a friend who died at the beginning of the year. While I still feel his loss keenly, at this stage, some 3 months on from the funeral, I'm in a much better place to celebrate his life. I was privileged to share his impact on my life, his encouragement and his nurture - all of which were considerable. On the way home, I've been reflecting on the saints who are in my life right now. And thinking - I shouldn't wait until they are no longer physically present to celebrate all the gifts they share. Giving thanks for that unseen cloud of witnesses, I also want to celebrate those who provide inspiration and nurture and spiritual enrichment every day. Thanks be to God.


Songbird said...

Thanks be to God for you. So glad to be able to picture your face and voice when I read your entries.

liz said...

Bless you, Songbird. As you know, I found the online community supportive before BE4. Now, having met some of you wonderful guys, it's just awesome!

Dot said...

Today I have reason to give thanks for the spiritual discipline and lessons learned from the author of this blog!

I went shopping today and bumped into friends that I had not seen for many years ~ they were very close friends, in fact, I am the God-mother of their 18year old son! Reflecting on what has been said in the blog over this Lenten series, instead of trying to hide in shame from them, I went towards them, hugged them and was delighted to see them, as they were me:~) We chatted for ages and I spoke of my feelings of guilt for not being in touch~then it dawned on me....for a relationship to work well, there has to be reciprocity, so I discussed with them the guilt and then offered them half of it! We came away smiling and more determined to be more pro~active about pursuing the relationship, I came home, phoned them and now have a firm date in the diary to catch up with them for Sunday lunch .

So tonight, I am giving thanks for all the people who have had and continue to have a very positive influence in my spiritual life and praise our great God for placing them in my life.

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