Friday, 1 April 2011

Revisiting old haunts

In the past week, I've encountered two colleagues whom I haven't seen since we graduated in 1993. One of those colleagues took the time to track me down and make contact. That's a wonderful gift - to be able, rather than vaguely wonder how someone is, to go further and follow up. I don't do that nearly enough.
I could make all sorts of excuses about why I let some relationships slide. And there are some relationships that are not meant to last for ever. But I would like to be more intentional about keeping in touch. Facebook certainly helps and I am grateful for the new old friends I have made on there. But Bill's example has given me a wonderful lesson in taking the initiative.
Here's to more intentional nurturing of relationships.

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Dot said...

Relationships are fascinating!
What is it about some people that make us 'click' with them right away and others who we shy away from and know within a very short space of time that we would not want to be involved with them? Chemistry? Not just that, but something in how they treat us and how we respond, how we treat them and how they respond, yet all this can be done and dusted within 90 seconds of meeting! Almost in the blink of an eye! That's how long we take to evaluate people~scary!

I wonder if people reject or accept Jesus within such a short time span? and I wonder if it is something about how they interact with people who introduce them to Jesus? Are they evaluating the person and accepting or rejecting them, rather than Jesus?
Makes me many people have know Jesus through my introduction and how many may have rejected Him because we have not 'clicked'?
The importance of having a nurturing relationship with a person before introducing Jesus makes much more sense than the random evangelism sometimes witnessed and altho' I acknowledge there is room for both, I know which approach I would respond to.
Relationships are too important to neglect, especially our prime relationship with Jesus and I, for one, am guilty of this, when I'm too busy or too tired, or can't be bothered.
Writing the responses to Liz's blog as my own spiritual discipline during Lent has helped me to focus on my relationship with Jesus,spend time in that relationship, realise just how important it is to me.
I give thanks that our Saviour does not neglect His relationships with any of us. Praise be!

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