Friday, 8 April 2011

Resurrection just around the corner

At this stage in Lent, I am impatient for Easter. I feel the need to get out of the wilderness. All around are signs of spring. Not just fluffy chicks and gamboling lambs but places being spruced up for a new season. And the spring like sunshine has aided and abetted the impact of longer days topped off with pretty sunsets.
But the whole point of Lent demands that we wait, that we stick it out to the end as Jesus did. The journey is not yet over. So we need to soak up that sunshine while it is available. We need to enjoy the signs of spring and allow them to lift our hearts. And return to the wilderness, keeping faith with Christ who went all the way. Resurrection IS just around the corner but we still have work to do. And our celebration will be all the sweeter if we hold back and savour the journey.

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Dot said...

Sometimes, it's difficult to wait, when you know that the story has such a brilliant ending, or beginning!
Sometimes it's difficult to imagine the journey to the cross, when you know that the tomb is empty.
We live in such a world of instant gratification that we find it such a hard discipline to be patient, to linger outside the tomb, holding our breath, checking it out... when we know.............. that He is the one who is so worth waiting for. Not long now!

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