Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Part of the crowd

These worry dolls, picked up in Mexico on the RevGals cruise last month, provided the final symbol for our mid week Lenten worship. Each week, we have collected a symbol illustrating the gospel and allowing us to reflect during the week on Jesus' journey to Jerusalem and the people he encountered on the way. Tonight we were reflecting on how easy it is to be part of the crowd and go with the flow, even when we know we should stand up for something different. Hopefully, these colourful dolls will encourage us to "stand out from the crowd".


Dot said...

We noted yesterday how fickle the crowd could be and how hard it was to be apart from it rather than be part of it~these colourful dolls are just the biz to make us different~hope there are some left!?!

liz said...

Of course - I've saved all the symbols for you!

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