Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Small cost

I often find myself inwardly chafing at some of the restrictions I feel my job places on me: there is an expected dress code to be adhered to; I cannot get my VW bug covered in hippy flowers - that would look undignified in a funeral cortege that I often find myself part of; minor complaints like that.
When I was in Cozumel with the Revgals two weeks ago, I had my hair braided and enjoyed the exotic feel of that as well as the reminder of a special time with a super bunch of women. While I had the audacity to conduct Sunday worship with the braids still in place, I knew that they would be inappropriate when it was time to conduct a funeral service. So, I removed them last night in preparation for a funeral today.
Throughout the day, my hands kept reaching for my hair, before I would remember that the braids were no longer there.
It seemed like a sacrifice I had had to make for the job.
However, as I watched the news this evening and caught up on reports from Japan, reports of hundreds of bodies being washed ashore, of crematoria unable to cope with the task required of them, I reflected on the luxury of the quiet, dignified service I had been able to share with a grieving family today. And I gained a new awareness of the incredibly small demands that God makes of me. As well as the awareness, I pray that I have also gained a new sense of joy and thankfulness for the ministry to which God calls me. And I pray fervently for all those who seek to minister to those bereaved by earthquake and tsunami and for those who may never know what became of their loved ones.
May perspective be a part of our Lenten discipline.
God in your mercy, hear my prayer.


Mary Beth said...


Dot said...

Small price to pay for such a privilege and using that as a comparison with the ills of the world it seems nothing at all. But real to you in the world you live and work in.
The blessing is in the awareness of the different perspectives and I give thanks for that.

May my prayers join with yours as we think of the hungry and homeless, the anxious and the afraid, the dead and the dying and all who are affected by the ravages of natural disasters around our world.

SallyLodge said...

Come with the RevGals in 2012 and get braids/beads again!
Loved being with you!

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