Sunday, 6 March 2011

Refreshing optimism and traveling mercies

I always find the customs and immigration process daunting when I visit the USA. I suppose the officials are trained to be suspicious but I usually feel like a criminal. On this visit, however, the guy picked up on my nerves and asked why I was worried. I explained that I was on my way to meet up with 40 folk whom I'd never met before on a Continuing Ed Cruise. When he discovered that these "strangers" were women preachers, he beamed and assured me I had no need to fear. Of course he was right but I'm wondering how many women preachers he's met? 
On the domestic flight between Newark and Tampa, the passenger in the next seat caught sight of what I was reading: Reframing Hope by Carol Howard Merrit, the text for the course, and asked if I was a Christian. No sooner had I affirmed this than she asked me to pray with her. Just two glimpses of God at the beginning of a God-filled week.


Dot said...

Precious moments :~)x

Mary Beth said...

how perfectly lovely, on BOTH counts! That man was a RG Pal for sure.

liz said...

Hee hee, Mary Beth. Hot too!!! :)

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