Friday, 18 March 2011

Kindling love

I LOVE my Kindle. I rarely go anywhere without it. It is a great travelling companion but versatile in so many other ways too. Today, I wanted to quote from a blog post in a school assembly so I simply emailed the post to my Kindle and was then able to share it with the school. I use it to preach from. I email files to it (or upload them) and take it to meetings (such as Presbytery). This saves paper and has the added advantage that, if things get a bit boring, I can continue to read whatever gripping book I'm currently taken with. I use it at gravesides, at weddings....The list goes on.
Did I say? I LOVE my Kindle.
Today I received a book to review Half the Church by Carolyn Custis James. There will be a blog post on it as soon as I've read it! But not only was the book sent to me in printed form - it is also a hardback. It seems like a real chore to read a book in hardback printed form. I may well download it in Kindle form since I have discovered that it is available.
But I recall being quite sceptical of the whole idea of e-books when I first encountered it. I thought that nothing could ever replace a printed text.
It's incredible how soon we can get used to doing things in a new way or to using new forms of media. But only if we open ourselves to change.
May part of our Lenten journey involve us taking steps into unfamiliar territory and embracing new ideas.


Mary Beth said...

oh, well said! I was another scoffer, initially. And I have a Sony e-reader that I sometimes use...but the Kindle app on my phone (my phone!) gets me through when I am without a book or the Sony.

Nice connexion to Lent and stepping out.

Dot said...

Part of my Lenten journey most definitely includes stepping into unknown territory! Becoming an adjunct blogger is somewhat scary to say the least and my commitment to respond daily to this blog has been and continues to be challenging to say the least!
Continuing the virtual theme from yesterday's blog with the experience of virtual paperback/hardback books is also something unfamiliar to me and a joy yet to behold.
Who knows, perhaps by the time Lent is over, I will have dumped my paperbacks too and be able to tell you about the experience in my very own blog!!! Unfamiliar steps indeed.....

Tanya said...

I really didn't think my kindle would replace books but it is just such a pleasure to read. And I love the instant gratification! I can buy a book and have it in minutes. Fantastic!

Songbird said...

You're encouraging me to give preaching from it this Sunday a try. Yes, I know, I did it on the cruise, but that was different...

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