Thursday, 17 March 2011

In Christ there is no real or virtual...

I had an interesting discussion with a friend today about community: My friend had made a friend request on Facebook to which she has had no response. Pondering this, it dawned on her that, though she knows a lot about the person she has asked to befriend because she follows her blog, she has rarely encountered this person in real life.
Last month I travelled across the world to meet up with women whom I had only previously encountered online but with whom I had experienced real community. Why? Because we shared our stories and supported one another virtually.
At the Revgals meet up, one quote which has become my mantra is: "In Christ there is no real or virtual.." a slight paraphrase of Galatians 3! All are one. We underestimate the power of online communities at our peril. Christ journeys with us in the wilderness of the worldwide web. Thanks be to God.


Dot said...

Amazing that this blog sent me to Galations 3~just what I needed after my discussions about issues of narrow certainties versus faith, and while the two are not entirely mutually exclusive, it is by FAITH we are justified in Christ.
I remember, many,many years ago now, as a very new Christian, the difficulty I had in understanding the whole 'justification' concept. I give thanks tonight for the pastor who took the time to explain this so fully, (and I still have his hand written notes on this subject in my desk drawer).
I also give thanks for the online blogs which I follow (all two of them)which are such an encouragement as I continue on my FAITH journey.

Songbird said...

I think what our new friend said was "no real or virtual." Wouldn't want people to think we are virtue-free!

liz said...

Opps. Thanks Songbird = that's what I meant! LOL

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