Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The difference a day makes

This post comes late in the day because, feeling swamped by technology yesterday, I have had an internet fast for most of the day. Though I cannot claim to have deliberately chosen that - it was just the way the day worked - it has certainly proved restorative.
Half way through Lent, I have been reviewing the journey so far and harnessing energy for what is to come. It has been good to regain a sense of excitement as the gospel stories unfold and look forward to all the creative worship opportunities to come. Giving thanks for the opportunity to recover some stamina that will be required for the weeks ahead.


Dot said...

It's good that God provides a change of rhythm to our daily tasks and chores!
Sometimes we become such slaves to our technology, that rather than assist us, they become our masters. While it is great to have instant access to the Bible via an app, it is even better to lay all this down and spend time with our maker, reflect on the Christian season and give thanks for the freedom we have to do this, and look forward with anticipation to the weeks ahead and for the opportunity to share in this creative worship!

Ivy said...

Liz, isn't it an amazing thing when that happens. I feel like I get addicted to being online sometimes. At first I was frustrated when I went on a retreat and couldn't get online during my free time. But I did feel restored afterwards. I could more easily listen to God's voice in the quiet without the distractions. Thanks so much for posting this. Blessings.

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