Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Countering evil with love

snake in the water
In our midweek Lenten service tonight, we're looking ahead at Sunday's gospel - John 3:1-17. This passage contains that well known verse - For God so loved the world...
But I want to focus on the Serpent being lifted up in the wilderness (verse 14) and ask:
Where, in our lives, do we raise Christ today?
In our homes?
In our places of work?
In our communities?

As ever, when something devastating happens, there are those who speculate on the actions of a harsh, judgmental, vindictive God.
Today, more than ever, we need to speak of and share the incredible love and grace of God by lifting up Christ wherever we are. We cannot and should not ever cease to share the message that God IS love because so many folk are hearing, even in churches, messages to the contrary.
This Lent, may we lift up the God of love.

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Dot said...

As we journey through Lent together the reflection and self reflection gets that bit harder and the depth to be plumbed so much deeper.

What a question tonight~where and when do we lift Christ up in our lives?

Safe to do it in Church?
do it at home?
what about work and our communities?
Much easier with our Christian friends~or is it?
Do we raise Christ or discuss the Church and its' life rather than Christ and His life?
Examining our lives, and our response to Christ is all part of the Lenten journey.

Called to be Children of the Light~Lord help us to raise your Holy name, wherever we are and to whosoever we are with. Amen

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