Saturday, 5 March 2011

Coming down from the mountain

Not preaching this week since I've just returned from study leave and didn't want to have to prepare while I was away. But the lectionary text - the account of the Transfiguration from Matthew touches a cord. How do we interpret and respond to those life changing moments in our lives? And how do we preserve that sense of sacredness or otherness that is present in such moments?
It would seem that our mountain top experiences are often closely followed by a harsh re-entry - down to earth with a bang.
Jesus taught and shared so that his disciples might be sustained in all of life and might have confidence to navigate the highs and lows that are the reality of life, secure in the knowledge that, in God, we are equipped and resourced and renewed every day. We cannot remain on the mountain but we can remain changed, enriched and renewed by all that is revealed to us in the presence of a transforming God.

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