Thursday, 27 January 2011


HMD 2011 Untold Stories from Holocaust Memorial Day Trust on Vimeo.

The S2 year group at Kyle Academy gave a very moving presentation - speech, music and drama - for Holocaust Memorial Day. They displayed lots of talent and innovation and enabled others to meaningfully mark this important day. It was wonderful to see young people getting behind these Untold Stories, recognising that genocide is something in which our world is still embroiled. Their involvement will truly make a difference. Thanks to all involved.


Dot said...

The act of telling our story is hugely important in the healing process, however it is not just the telling that is important, but also the quality of the listener and how s/he responds to the teller of the story.
"However, the significance of this act does not only lie in the ‘telling’ but in who is listening, how they listen and whether they are prepared to respond with compassion and love and are able to respond in a way that meets the needs of a person expressing the emotional meaning that the condition holds for them. "(Weaks, D.A. 2006)

liz said...

Thank you, my learned friend:)
Need to read some more of that wisdom!

Dot said...

There's over 100,000 words of it ~ could your kindle take it???

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