Thursday, 6 January 2011

Epiphany - making it real

Even in the mist
there are gems to be discovered
Always in the familiar
there are depths unplumbed
If we will put aside
what we think we know
and be prepared
for new revelations
we too might experience epiphany
We do not need to be wise
or to have travelled far
but we do need an openness
and a humility
and the willingness
to be surprised
To accept
that faith
is not all neatly parceled up
at a single point of discovery
but invades our space
time and again
confronting and challenging.
That's why it's not for those
who are afraid of challenge
or who sidestep confrontation
Epiphany is no respecter 
of place or context
or time or season
is not confined by reason
or constrained by culture
Epiphany crashes in
sometimes where it is not welcome
just like the magi
who were forced to lower their sights
from lofty palaces
to a lowly stable
 bringing disaster to rain
on the defenceless and vulnerable
leaving carnage in their wake.
Sometimes it takes such destruction
to bring about our awakening
because we too
are removed from reality
and fail to see God revealed
in our daily lives
and so bluster on
in our misconceptions
and prejudice
wreaking havoc
when, bidden or not,
God breaks in
simply and lowly
changing the face of history
challenging the comforts of faith
until we can really see
Emmanuel - God with us.

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