Wednesday, 22 December 2010

Quiet Christmas Service

We lit our candles
thinking of loved ones
who aren't with us this Christmas
Some have died
some are far away
some are lost
some are estranged
we only know they are not here
and we miss them.
We lit our candles
taking some time
out of the bustle of the season
to remember those we love.
We lit our candles
and placed them on the cross
remembering Mary
whose heart was pierced with sorrow
even as she cradled her newborn son.
We lit our candles,
the flames flickered
their reflection comforting,
spreading light
through our darkness.
We lit our candles
and it was good to share with others,
to remember that we are not alone
in our loss
to remember
the love that came down
at Christmas.
We lit our candles
and somehow
our loved ones
seemed close
and hope was ignited again
as we remembered
that love never dies.
And the light that came into the world
can never be put out.

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