Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Longest night and Lunar eclipse

Lunar eclipse 21st December 2010

The full moon hid from the sun
playing peek a boo with the earth
while commuters fought their way to work
through snow and ice and fog
oblivious to the cosmic show.
A show that heralded the start of the day
of the longest night.
A day begun with such a fanfare
deserves to be feted and prized
made special, worthy of note.
For as we while away
those interminable hours of darkness,
 we take comfort in the knowledge
that this is a turning point 
at the end of the year.
A change in direction
Now light begins to triumph again
squeezing out the darkness
edging its way in
bit by comforting bit
fuzzing the edges
softening the hard lines
easing out the cold
making room once more for hope.
The earth continues to turn
life moves on at a pace
But even the brief contemplation
of re-alignment
shows that change is possible
And as the world hurls on towards Christmas
we are reminded
that love will come again
that the Lord of the Longest night
is the Lord of the Lunar eclipse
God with us.
This Christmas-tide
the babe in the manger
needs little encouragement
to come and
dwell in us
warming us
soothing the darkness
bringing the light of hope
eclipsing our lives
with love.

1 comment:

Dot said...

You are so gifted and we are so fortunate that you share that gift:~)x

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