Saturday, 11 December 2010

The big thaw

We retreated to safety
hurrying home out of the cold
and chaos of snow and ice
We lit fires and snuggled up
making the most of a season of quiet
in busy full lives
Only one who was used to being left out in the cold
remained behind to check on those
with no means of retreat
One who was born in a drafty steading
who knew the resignation and discomfort
of enforced exile
He snuck in under cardboard shelters
shivered around braziers
tucked newspaper covers 
tighter around his friends
He slugged from their bottles 
of warming spirit
listened to the chattering teeth
and hacking coughs
and wept frozen tears
that so little has changed
in 2000 years
And when the thaw came
those tears turned into a river
for a world
that still abandons the vulnerable
and deserts the poor
and prefers glitzy news
to cold reality
And just as his cries went unheeded then
so his tears are met with indifference now.


crabbit besom said...

Thank you.Very thought-provoking on so many levels.

Danny said...

This really packed a punch, it starts off all cosy then gets real. Thanks I may use it sometime. Hope you are enjoying the Advent season. Xx

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