Sunday, 7 November 2010

Support in the shadows

For every negative there are a thousand positives, but we often allow negativity to have so much more power than it merits.
In moments of compassion we can try to get alongside those who wound by their criticism, try to get some insight into the world they live in that makes them so destructive. Often we can't change their perspective but we can maintain ours and not get sucked into the negative spiral they would have us travel.
And, when our compassion has been eroded by constant wear and demand, we can refuse to be sucked in and seek instead our own places of affirmation and sustenance. Easier said than done -  but vital for survival. Negativity is wearing. Unfounded criticism hurts. It is unlikely that we can change someone else's outlook and way of being but we can work on ourselves and find ways to avoid being sucked in, steering a course that leads to life - in all its fulness.
Where are you finding support when shadows loom large?


Dot said...

It is sad that people are unable to see the world from a positive perspective for whatever reason~they miss so much of themselves and others.

Sustenance and affirmation heading your way soon:~)x

Nik said...

I find the sound of a chainsaw to be a beautiful thing... *grins wickedly*

Wise mentor and friend was chatting with me the other day on epic road trip north to a friend's induction. On entirely another matter, she observed that it's easy to carry other people's monkeys: don't carry the monkey. Don't be defined how others want to define you/ don't get sucked into their stuff. Think that works here, too.

When shadows loom large, I tend to go chat with said wise mentor and friend and perspective very quickly follows :)

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