Tuesday, 2 November 2010


Heading home after a meeting at church HQ today (aka "121"), this tram marooned in Princes Street, with no where to go and no power on which to run reminded me painfully of the ethos of the Church of Scotland today - out on a limb, with little direction and no driver. Off the rails. Not a good place to be.

Edit: It has been pointed out to me, by one who remembers these things that trams do not have rudders. I am rather disappointed at that - my metaphor fails miserably - but the premise remains that the Cof S has lost its sense of direction and its leadership has lost the plot.


Peter said...

Blimey, that is a bit depressing... it's not that bad, is it? Really? Or maybe it is?! Help! We're doomed, Captain Mainwaring, doomed!

liz said...

I know - that's why I stay away from there! It does depress me. Need to find something cheeerier to blog about now.

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