Monday, 8 November 2010

The new and the newer

Will they always be such amicable bedfellows?
Or is it only because one is corralled
safely out of commission.
Once they are both of equal status
will they be able to share?
Or is it then that they become competitors
both touting for the same market share
unaware of the unique and different journey
that each alternative offers
oblivious to the choice they afford
Why must the next new thing
be such a threat to the tried and tested?
Isn't there room for both
and for more besides?
Time will tell which has staying power
There's no reason why it can't be both/ and
rather then either /or
So reminiscent of the liberal/conservative debate
that needn't be in a broad church
in which each affirms and needs the other
and in which both can rub along
holding out options
that embrace and encompass
Co-existence has potential.

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