Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Life mirroring lectionary?

In the Christian Calendar, we are preparing to celebrate Christ the King Sunday, the end of the Christian year, when we reflect on the kind of kingship Jesus modeled - born in poverty, forced into becoming a displaced person, eking out a living as an itinerant preacher, before being executed.
The announcement of an impending Royal wedding seems a gift for this season.
Although the engagement has just been announced, already there is speculation about the scale of pomp and circumstance that must surround the wedding of a future king.
Will the couple's low key preferences to date continue to be displayed in their wedding plans or will pressure prevail for something much more extravagant? Will any allowance be made for the current national and global economic crisis? Only time will tell.
Meanwhile, we prepare to celebrate a wholly different version of kingship, leading us forward to welcome again God with us as we'd hardly imagine.

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Nik said...

Talk about jumping the gun however: I watched the full interview and the guy interviewing them was very quick to ask about children. Tsk. Are folk not just allowed to be in the moment? What is this need to run at breakneck speed to the next thing before we've even got to the actual think preceding that 'next thing'?
Mind, I was cross when I saw the Christmas dec's go up in early October on The Dome, in the 'burgh.
Yes, I am that grumpy old woman, lol!!

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