Monday, 18 October 2010


As this gull struts his stuff
and comes across with attitude
I long to follow suit
As a tonic to all those who doubt
those who disparage
and those who are just too arrogant
to move over
and stop inhibiting progress.
Just some of his courage
and confidence
might make all the difference.
But I wonder.
Would the ground gained
be ground I would want to tread
knowing that I'd gone against the grain
turned myself inside out
changed my nature
just to make a difference?
There are other ways
and the longing to have attitude
can be transformed
into gentle persistence
and the patience required
to effect long term change 
rather than short term gain.
Attitude is great.
Long term strategy is better.
So - I'll continue to admire
even continue to long
but selling out
is not on the cards.

1 comment:

Tom said...

I agree with you perseverence is always better than "attitude". I am certain that your patience will pay off. Those standing in the way of change will be gentle moved to one side. It may take a little longer than we would like but it will happen.

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