Monday, 27 September 2010

Riffing the gospel

We had wonderful fun in worship yesterday with the West Jesmond Rhythm Kings jazz band. Although permission WAS given at the start of the service, folk didn't take up the opportunity to dance in the aisles, something many of them now regret. Maybe we can address that next week... :)


Nik said...

I'm thinking opening responses next week along the lines of:
Minister: Wild Thing
Cong.: You make our hearts sing
Minister: You make everything...
Cong: Groovy
We sing together our opening hymn 'All things bright and beautiful'

And the liturgical / theological rationale, I hear you ask, o supervisor of trainee ministers? Along the lines that God cannot be contained, popped in a box and locked. Along the lines of Lewis's 'he's not a tame lion, you know'...

your service sounds like it was fab :)

liz said...

Hey, Nik, I might just steal that! Honestly this cong is brill - up for anything(so far). Haha

Anonymous said...

Reminds me of that bit in vicar of Dibley when the choir sing at Alices wedding, Nik.

~We had a folk band a few months back. My lot regretted not dancing too. We are just too inhibited here. Thought better of you Scots!

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