Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Faith and longing

I once heard a preacher talking of faith and using an aeroplane as an illustration. He made an assumption, as preachers often do: He said, when you drive past the airport and see planes taking off, you don't think - I wonder how that stays in the sky - you just have faith that it does. I didn't altogether agree with his premise. Furthermore, when I see an aeroplane taking off, I usually think, I wonder where that's going and I wish I was on it!
The ascending aeroplane speaks to me not so much of faith but of longing.
And, it seems, longing is more likely to lead to a striving than any blindness of faith.
I never did like to conform just to fulfill a preacher's assumption!


Cherie said...

Another great post by you that resonates with me. I, too, feel the longing to be on the planes overhead. And I wonder about the people up there in those tubes going from here to there.

And of course your spiritual comparison - yes. Longing is the motive that propels me to keep on searching to know my Creator all the more.

Dot said...

Won't tell you what I think when I see these tubes of metal~but it is nothing like either of the illustrations on the blog! I'm with you on the non conformist stance tho'.

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