Friday, 10 September 2010

Come, sit here awhile

Invitation to linger
In a week crammed full to overflowing with work, this bench, even virtual, is very inviting.
It always quietly amuses me how irate folk get when their calls are not returned and emails go unanswered. Both of these tasks involve being home long enough (or at the desk long enough) to respond. As I try to work out what can be shelved for now simply because there is no space left in my diary, I imagine Jesus sitting, enjoying the view, taking the air and beckoning me to come sit awhile.
And, even though there's no time and even less energy to engage with the invitation, I'm drawn nonetheless. Drawn to Jesus' calmness, to his easy, undemanding company. How refreshing to be embraced by such unconditional love. A love that asks nothing of me but yet draws my response of love and gratitude.


Nik said...

hmmm, as a person who is getting progressively worse at taking time out, and who has been reflecting on this of late, this is a timely post mate

Dot said...

In the midst of all the business you hear Jesus,recognise his voice and are able to acknowledge it publicly!
Amazing can it be???

Ivy said...

How apropos. I just read your post after this one: Do you think God is trying to tell us something?

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