Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Letting off steam

I had occasion this afternoon to "get my top off and go for a run" as I once embarrassingly told someone. It was either that or resort to violence.
What is it about middle aged gentlemen and funeral teas? They say the most inappropriate things. (The middle aged gentlemen that is) Things they would never say to my male colleagues. Today, I was asked if I'd ever considered taking in ironing. Oh yes, I could set myself up with a nice little diversion while I'm hanging around the crematorium waiting on my next gig!
Here endeth this week's rant.
Normal service(s) will be resumed shortly.


crabbit besom said...

Aaaargh! You never told me about this! What have I let myself in for? At least you can take your top off - I just open the windows!

Dot said...

I've got some I could let you have to practice on!!!

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